About Aligned Partners

This blog is theory. Aligned Partners is practice.

I founded Aligned Partners with Susan Mason in 2011 to address the alignment issues we’d been seeing in the venture capital world. Since then, we’ve raised three institutional funds and have become the premier investors in capital-efficient startups.

Aligned Partners is obsessively focused on alignment with founders and investors. In particular, we believe these three things:

  • Aligning the interests of founders and investors works better for everyone. When we’re all pulling the oars in the same direction, we can accomplish great things with minimal friction.
  • Higher efficiency yields higher returns. Entrepreneurship is, at its essence, about resourcefulness. Companies that achieve their goals in a resource-efficient manner provide high value to their founders and investors alike.
  • Sustainable growth is a side effect of creating real value for customers. Great companies deeply understand their customers and offer them exceptional, targeted value propositions.

Visit us at www.alignedvc.com to learn more about how we put these theories of capital-efficiency and alignment into practice.